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Join our community of ethically-minded companies working together to transform the data ecosystem.

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The 3 Commitments


Living wages 

Most data workers are not paid sufficiently for their labour, with many making significantly below the minimum wage. This leaves workers unable to cover their basic living expenses.

Minimum wages sustain a low-income lifestyle, data employment should give a living wage to encourage personal and societal growth for workers and their communities.


No data outsourcing!

Many companies win data generation contracts through personal connections without having direct connections to data workers themselves.  These companies become middle-men often taking a handsome finders fee. This creates two issues: low data quality and the potential exploitation of data workers. We must work together to shorten data value chains and bring the profits of data to its makers!


Ensuring & investing in data worker welfare

Technology has shown the potential to be transformative and dangerous. Companies must prioritize the safety of data workers over profits, addressing both physical and psychological well-being. To bring the value of data full circle, companies should ensure that the benefits of their technologies extend to all socio-economic communities.


While our Pledge is specifically designed for Data Companies and Technology Companies, anyone can make the commitment!

Read the pledge below for your category and click the link to sign! Once you've submitted, your company or organization will be featured on our Community page!

Technology Companies

Are you looking for a way to make your company more ethical and truly leverage your products for good? Join the Pledge today!

Data Companies

Are you a data company who believes in the importance of creating a circular economy for digital work? Join the Pledge today!


Are you an individual interested in digital labour rights and making sure the tech you use runs on ethical data? Join the Pledge today!

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